Music Submission

For each music submissions to be considered for inclusion in the SMC 2019 Music Program, the following information should be detailed:

  • Artists should submit stereo audio files or video files of their pieces (via an accessible online link like Vimeo, YouTube, SoundCloud, etc.). It would be also possible to send a compressed recording of the tape part or audiovisual: a complete MP3 file, or MP4 in case of audiovisual.

  • Category of the work according to the categories (C1, C2, C3 or C4) and the venue that best fits your needs (Sala Maria Cristina or SMC 2019 Conference Venue). The final venue in which the accepted music contributions will be performed will be decided by the Music Chairs.

  • Performance instructions: a music score with complete description of the performance needs and a performance diagram including a description of the sound diffusion and stage or any other complete guideline clarifying the needs for performing the work.

  • Program notes: finally, the composer and performer(s) short biographies and a description of the work (each with a maximum of 100 words). These texts will be included in the concert's programme.

All these documents must be concatenated and submitted as a single PDF file to the following email address smc2019_music at ic dot uma dot es

You are stronlgy encourage to use the submission form you can download HERE. IMPORTANT! ONE submission form should be send FOR EACH music contribution that you want to be considered for inclusion in SMC 2019 Music Programme.

Music contributions submission deadline: February 7, 2019.

Only one work per composer will be programmed. In case you piece is selected, you will need to pay the registration fee and present your music contribution at the designed venue.


All submissions will be subject to review by a Music Selection Committee composed by the Music Chairs and invited musicians, with access to all submitted materials online.

Further information

All questions should be directly addressed to the SMC 2019 Music Chairs. You can contact them at

smc2019_music at ic dot uma dot es